Photo Finish: Using High Speed Video At Races

July 22nd, 2013

High speed video is so important because it allows you to capture things that you need when on the go. If you are going to a car race or a horse race, you probably have some of the best cameras out there to get this task done. If you don’t have a good quality camcorder, you really need to look into buying one that is specifically made for high speed videos. This is great for anyone who uses them when they are going to a local race.

The most important thing to Read the rest of this entry »

Improving Soccer Players’ Techniques With High Speed Video Feedback

May 20th, 2013

Improving Soccer Players’ Techniques With High Speed Video Feedback

How High Speed Video Works
Since we cannot watch ourselves play, we learn our skills from other players. This includes watching professional athletes on television as well as watching our teammates play from the sidelines. Therefore, it is essential to view us on video in order to become more accurate, efficient and stronger players. This is the fundamental reason behind the success of improving techniques with high-speed video Read the rest of this entry »

Top Accessories For High Speed Video Cameras

March 24th, 2013

High-speed video cameras are used for a variety of things in today’s market. This technology is used to film bullets as they fly out of guns. This helps to understand how bullets behave while they are flying through the air. High-speed video footage can be used to analyze how things work. Most things filmed on high-speed are usually moving too fast to notice their effects.

Many accessories can be used on high-speed cameras to help you capture video. High-speed camera tripods must keep the camera extremely still. Even Read the rest of this entry »

How High Speed Video Can Improve Football Techniques

June 14th, 2012

Football players continue to evolve beyond current levels. With continued development in nutrition, health, muscle building and other physical characteristics, football players are taller, faster and leaner than ever.

Many football players combine uncanny speed with gifted athleticism. Football, because of technological advances in the areas listed above, is fast becoming a game of inches not yards. Inches – because as players continue to improve, the areas where one player is superior to another is measured in smaller and smaller increments. Minor changes in stances can have huge impact on players Read the rest of this entry »

Using High Speed Video For Commercial Product Testing

August 25th, 2011

The high-speed video camera now captures video up to 230,000 frames per second with instant replay. You can set it up in minutes instead of having all that equipment that was needed in the past. The Digital Microscope now automatically creates a graph of the movement. The motion analysis tracks movements and calculates the distance, velocity, and acceleration to give you an enhanced picture. It can remember particular points in the video and track them for changes that have occurred between frames.

The depth-of-field is at least 20 Read the rest of this entry »

Recording Science Experiments With High Speed Video

August 24th, 2011

High speed video recording enables motion analysis on mechanisms, biomechanical systems, projectiles, crash testing, and many other systems which are traditionally difficult to analyze thoroughly due to their high speed and limitations of standard video recording. While simple experiments such as a pendulum swing or testing acceleration due to gravity do not require such sophistication, with high speed video one can watch a bullet slowly erupt from the barrel of a gun closely followed by a cloud of smoke and flames and track its movement millimeter by millimeter. Modern high quality high speed video recorders can Read the rest of this entry »

Ballistics Reconstruction: High Speed Video Evidence In Court

August 20th, 2011

Allowing high speed video evidence in court is something that will continue to be crucial as time continues. It opens new doors in the court world for top of the line ballistics evidence that will help put criminals behind bars.

Along the videos to be used will be a great source in determining who caused or committed the act of violence or criminal behavior. This can also help avoid putting the wrong people in jail. If you have a video of a Read the rest of this entry »

Mental Power: Sharpening Your Skills With Technology

August 6th, 2011

We think it’s a great idea to try and increase your brainpower a bit at a time using video clips and even television shows. This is easy to do if you’ve got simple things like an internet connection and satellite and here are a few of our best tips to get you started…
Watch Game Shows: Particularly timed shows, since they’ll help you get faster at the same time as stretching your brain. Word puzzles and trivia shows alike help your mental efficiency grow by leaps and bounds.< Read the rest of this entry »

Using High Speed Video Can Improve Baseball Pitchers’ Mechanics

June 22nd, 2011

Baseball is a popular game across the USA and is one of the top sports in the nation. It is popular among school kids, college students and with adults in the major league. Many young people endeavor to learn the game so they may play it at college or professional level. Unfortunately, not all who play the game can become good at it. To become good, one needs plenty of hours of training, practice and technique improvement.

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Renting High Speed Video Cameras For Home Use

May 26th, 2011

Serious video-making and analysis requires serious equipment. For so many, though, the cost of this type of equipment is prohibitive, making it impossible to get the equipment needed for a job at a price that is feasible for home use.

The good news is, many companies provide a rental option for high speed video cameras. This can be essential for anyone who is analyzing moving objects or systems, such as mechanisms, biomechanical systems, projectiles, or human or wildlife movement. High speed video cameras Read the rest of this entry »